Etxea Vase

H.14,3cm ∅13,7cm
French stoneware and Bardos wild clay glaze - 1280°

Vase presented on Oct.2020 in Paris at Galerie Joseph for 1000 Vases Exhibition.

Etxea means house in basque and traduce a connection, the attachment with a place.

The story of the vase exhibited is about grounding and relation with earth and culture. I’m from Mato Grosso (Brazil) and moved to the Basque Country 7 years ago. The feelings and memories of my childhood are always present in my life, interacting and changing my perception of the paths I’m taking. 

Here I decided to live in the countryside for the last couple of years and I discovered the fertility of the soil. The beauty and the abundance of the earth of this region. Surrounded by their myths and traditions, finding myself through another country and digging my backyard to understand the meaning of belonging to somewhere.

This vase has a part of me on it. The details which covers the piece are made of wild clay from the place I choose as my own. Bardos is a small and beautiful village near by the coast, surrounded by mountains and valleys. I found this clay at the backyard of an old farm from the end of the XVIII century where used to live two sisters, taking care and owning this piece of land.

I invite you to feel the sweet power of this territory. The strong wind and the ancient roots. The history and the culture of this land…Feel welcome to be a part of this journey, this small part of me can be now yours too. 

Now this is place is my house and it feels like home in such a profound way that I promised myself to share something about this special place on earth. And this willing was growing leading me to collect some physical, some touchable — the ground. But not just that. I had the willing to talk about this feeling. Putting in shape the forms of belonging to somewhere. Representing this connection with the human and the soil.

The concept of home is larger then to be born somewhere, you can make yourself at home anywhere you feel connected to a place or a territory. It is something beyond explanation, a life experience to be in the moment. That is the sensation that I would like to translate with this piece.

With my wild clay collection I wanted to share a piece of my home, a part of my life. And try to show the value of owning such a meaningful piece. All the parts of the making process as collecting, purifying and filtering make this piece precious and unique in each element.


  Johanna M.

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